Environmental analysis

LAE was created in 2018 to meet the needs of farmers, environmental service companies that collaborate with companies in the oil sector. LAE is an analytical laboratory, specialized in environmental analyzes, analysis of the physico-chemical composition of soil and water and microbiological analyzes. We operate in several sectors of agriculture.

The scope of our environmental controls include the following matrices: • Physicochemical analysis of Soils, sludge and sediments • Analysis of sites and soils polluted by human and industrial activity • Soil analysis for the purchase of land • Microbiological analysis (Coliforms - Streptococci - Salmonella - Escherichia Col And search for germs • Analysis of organic compounds • Water (borehole water - waste water, ground water, surface water, process water, drinking water, sea water). • recreational waters (swimming pools, beaches, swimming in fresh water)

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