TransZol Plant

TransZol Plant is a ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of total RNA from polysaccharide-rich and/or polyphenol plant tissues, such as champignon, banana fruit, mango fruit, potato, carrot, sansevieria. It uses a modified CTAB method to lyse samples andphenol/chloroform to remove proteins and others impurities. It is also suitable for the isolation of total RNA from animal tissues like fat, connective tissues etc.

• Superior lysis capability and higher RNA yield. • The whole procedure can be completed in one hour. • Pink solution for easy visualizing different phases. • Unique dissolving solution for long-term RNA storage. Storage at room temperature for one year. Shipping at room temperature.

Categorie: Nucleic Acid Purification kit

Kit de purification des Acides Nucléiques

Sous-catégorie : RNA Purification

RNA Purification
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